Ada's Vegan Products are:

Artisanal Homemade Vegan Cheese Alternatives.
Non Genetically Modified.
Gluten Free.
Dairy Free.
Soy Free.
Vegan for Health.
Vegan against Animal Cruelty.
Vegan for Planet Earth, the only home we as well as the entire flora and fauna have to live in.

That’s why all Ada’s products manage to be made of organically grown ingredients that respect and protect Planet Earth and its creatures while remaining delicious.

How it all started

Ada’s was born when Fletch, a previously infamous 24/7 meat-craving person, decided one day to turn vegan.
His family first thought it was a belated Mid-August April Fool’s joke, but when he explained that he was doing it for Planet Earth, and he was serious about it, they all were supportive!
But, even a year after turning vegan, Fletch was still having cheese cravings…
Those kinds of cravings that wake you up in the middle of the nights yearning for a Salty Feta Salad, a Naboulsi Cheese in a Lebanese Pitta Bread with cucumber and Tomato or a French Baguette with Rambol Aux Noix!

Ada and Google to the rescue, or not!

It was then, that Ada, Fletch’s sister, came to the rescue with her magical creative skills.

She started by looking online for recipes (God Bless Google she thought), but nothing she tried Fletch liked!

All Vegan Cheese Alternative Recipes had mainly Garlic and Onions in them for taste, and Fletch avoided these two ingredients as much as he could. 

Fletch wanted something to replace Cheese, not some garlic and onion flavored paste to spread on his bread!

Ada's Trial and Error Journey

But Ada didn’t despair, she ditched Google, locked herself in her Kitchen, and started making her own recipes.

She was the Crazy Professor experimenting, and  Fletch was the pickier than life guinea pig. Tasting, giving Ada a thumbs up at times and a thumbs down at others!

It was a long and gruelling trial and error experiment for Ada, she had one of the hardest to please test subjects, and she refused to throw in the towel.

Fletch makes it more challenging!

Every month or two, Fletch threw in another “Something-Free” challenge in Ada’s way, not because he was sadistic, but because… fine, maybe he was a teeny tiny bit sadistic and wanted to see his sister suffer… (just kidding)
And Ada, just didn’t despair…

 Vegan Cheese Heaven!
It took Ada more than a year before she came up with Vegan Cheese Alternatives that were Vegan, Healthy, Made from Organic Ingredients, Dairy-Free, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Trans Fat-Free AND Delicious (yes!).
The end result was so satisfying it took Fletch to Vegan Heaven!

Testing the waters...

Ada and Fletch’s friends, non-vegan humans, tasted Ada’s products and couldn’t believe they were Dairy-Free and Nut-Based. They started asking for recipes, but Ada, like all magicians, kept her secrets to herself!

They started asking for her to do some for them, and little by little Ada and Fletch started noticing that maybe, just maybe, there were some people who might be interested in the hidden fruits of Ada’s Vegan…

It took them a lot of time, and guts, to decide to have people other than family and friends taste Ada’s Cheeses.

But with the sight of every new person trying the products’ facial expression, Ada and Fletch were realising they had something Healthy, Cruelty-Free AND Delicious they had to share with others!

When Opportunity knocks, you answer...

In April of 2016, Ada and Fletch’s path have crossed with A NEW EARTH organic & eco-living store‘s, and something really amazing happened!

Ada’s Products were put under the spotlight and the customers and friends of A NEW EARTH Store who got to taste the products gave them the best feedback they could have ever imagined!

Shuffling, Reshuffling and Spring Cleaning

In April 2016, we were offering 6 Vegan products, two Vegan Feta flavors (Plain and Basil), two Vegan Soft Cheese Alternative flavors (Walnut and Olive), one Vegan Naboulsi and one Vegan Shankleesh.

On December 2016, 5 new Vegan products were added, the Vegan Spread, the Vegan Halloumi, the Vegan Cheese Alternative with Chives, the Vegan Soft Cheese Alternative with Garlic & Herbs, and the Vegan Fondue! 

By December 2017, 3 new Vegan products were added, The Vegan Soft Cheese Alternative with Black Pepper along with the long awaited Vegan Mozzarella and Vegan Brie. 

In May 2018, and after a long period of trial and errors, We FINALLY reached to a Vegan Labneh recipe that we considered Honorably fit to join our Vegan Family. 

But 15 Items were too many, so we thought it was time to do a spring cleaning…
Retire some (or turn them into seasonal items) and… erm, add some new ones? 🙂
Right now, the Soft Cheese Alternatives and the Chives were shelved…
the 16th seasonal Cheese Alternative with Cranberry was offered during the Christmas Period Only…
The Vegan Baby Edam saw the light in March 2019, and so did the Vegan Cheddar…

By Fall 2019, Ada was offering 8 products:
Vegan Halloumi, Vegan Naboulsi, Vegan Mozzarella, Vegan Brie, Vegan Cheddar, Vegan Labneh, Vegan Spread and Vegan Shankleesh Spread, in additional to seasonal come backs (Vegan Fondue for the December Festive period). 

More seasonal shuffling and reshuffling will keep happening and we love it because it keeps us passionate about what we do!

When life gives you a picky-eater Vegan Brother...

…You make delicious Vegan Cheese Alternatives! (since it seems, Lemonade is now trademarked to Beyoncé!)

But who needs Lemonade, when you can make Vegan Cheese Alternatives? And that’s what Ada did!
We have heard so many times the statement “I would be Vegan if it weren’t for my love for cheese“, and we in “Ada’s” decided to make this statement obsolete, one cheese type at a time…

In year 2018, we decided to expand in as many regions in Lebanon, picking one shop in each region.
Reinforcement was brought from abroad, as our sister Racha has joined the team, taking care of all the expansion mumble jumble neither Ada nor Fletch knew anything about!
what will the future bring? You never know!
After all, we still have a brother who can always join! 😈

We love you, and we promise to keep trying to make our best to convince you that you can always love Cheese while loving Earth, the Animals and Yourself in the same time! 💚