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Vegan Nachos

Nachos is 💚 for any family or friends gathering!
Especially if it’s vegan, healthy, easy to make AND delicious!

Preparation time: 15 mins

Difficulty: Very Easy


For the Nachos:
Ada’s Vegan Cheddar
– a Bag of Nachos (Salt Flavored)
– Jalapeño
– 1 small diced tomato

For the Guacamole:
– 3 mashed Avocados
– 1 big tomato diced
– 3 tbsp Chopped Fresh Cilantro
– Lemon Juice (1 lemon)
– 1/2 cup diced onion
– Green Basil Leaves

For the sour cream:
– 5 tbsp of Ada’s Vegan Labneh.
– water


For the Nachos:

1- Put Ada’s Vegan Cheddar in a pan on fire.

2- Add the water to it.

3- Whisk until Ada’s Vegan Cheddar is melted, and the mixture is thick and creamy.

4- Place Nachos on a plate.

5- Add the Melted Creamy Vegan Cheddar on top of the Nachos.

6- Decorate with Jalapeños and diced tomato.

For the Guacamole:

1- In a medium bowl, mash together the avocados, lemon juice, and salt.

2- Mix in onion, cilantro, tomatoes, and garlic.

3- Refrigerate 1 hour for best flavor.

For the Sour Cream:

1- Put 5 tbsp of Ada’s Vegan Labneh in a bowl.

2- Add 2 tbsp of water and stir till mixture is homegenous and smooth.

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